Recultivating an old local tradition, WIMA also organizes the popular Improvisation Camp for future generations of jazz. An annual average of more than 100 young musicians participate, lead by 13 tutors who represent the very best of jazz society in Hungary.


16th Lamantin Imrovisation Camp

Date: June 24 – 30, 2018
Location: Szombathely, Hungary


Board of Tutors:

    • Márkus, Tibor – artistic director, piano, ear cultivation, jazz history, jazz theory
    • Spányi, Emil – piano, band rehearsal
    • Friedrich, Károly – trombone, trumpet, band rehearsal, big band
    • Tóth, Viktor – saxophone, band rehearsal
    • Elek, István – saxophone, band rehearsal
    • Lakatos, Ágnes – lead and background vocals
    • Winand, Gábor – lead and background vocals, band rehearsal
    • Gyárfás, István – guitar, band rehearsal
    • Gotthard, Mike – guitar, band rehearsal
    • Csuhaj-Barna, Tibor – double bass, bass, band rehearsal
    • Takács, Donát  – bass, band rehearsal
    • Nesztor, Iván – drums, band rehearsal
    • Jeszenszky, György – drums, percussion, band rehearsal


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