Starting date for applications: April 3. 2023

Final date for applications: May 31. 2023

Requirements for application:

  • Age: applicants under 14 years of age require an accompanying parent, applicants under 18 years of age require written proof of consent by a caretaking adult. (we are unfortunately unable to take responsibility for minors).
  • Musical knowledge and ability: minimal musical knowledge and ability is sufficient for attendance. Naturally, attendants will be sorted into groups based on their ability.
  • Rules and policies for attendants: Lamantin students accept our rules and policies by applying for the camp. While most know where the boundaries lie without the need to be told explicitly, unfortunately in the past years we have encountered some unpleasant exceptions to this We have created our Rules and Policies in order to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the camp without disturbance.

Instruments, technical requirements:

  • Instruments should be brought by the attendants. In absence of this, we cannot guarantee that you will have access to an instrument.
  • Basic amplifiers, chords etc. should be brought by the attendants if their instrument requires it (standing bass, guitar, bass guitar, electronic keyboard, microphones for singers, chords).

Process of application (The link for online application can be found at the bottom of the page)

  • We will send you an automated confirmation email as soon as we receive your application. At this point, you do not have to pay yet!
  • We will notify you on the email address given on the application form at the beginning of July about costs including food and accommodation, as well as where to transfer the money.
  • Payments must be made via bank transfers!
  • We can only refund 70% of the paid amount in case of cancellation two weeks or less before the camp begins.


  • Fee of attendance: 32.000 HUF paid via bank transfer.
  • Fee of attendance for late applicants: 37.000 HUF paid via bank transfer.
  • Additional expenses: We can provide food and accommodation at a reasonable price if it is requested. These costs are NOT included in the attendance fee.

Further Training for Teachers and Educators

The camp provides opportunities for further training for teachers and educators and is accredited by the Hungarian Bureau of Education. Therefore, we eagerly await applications from singing and music teachers!

Accreditation requires a music teacher degree for music or singing education.

Title of the training program: Lamantin Improvisational Camp (Further Training for music teachers in teaching general musical culture, particularly in jazz improvisation)

Founding institution of the training program: Improvisaional Music Workshop Association

Number of permit for foundation: A/10345/2022

Number of permit for launching the program:

Length of training in hours: 30

Number of credit points: 30