The Improvisative Musical Workshop presents

July 2-8. 2023.


July 2. 8PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Opening Concert of the Lamantin Musical Workshop:

Introducing the educators

Lakatos Ágnes – vocals

Hajdu Klára – vocals

Elek István – saxophone

Tóth Viktor – saxophone

Friedrich Károly – trombone

Gyárfás István – guitar

Juhász Gábor – guitar

Márkus Tibor – piano

Spányi Emil – piano

Csuhaj-Barna Tibor – standing Bass

Nesztor Iván – drums, percussion

Jeszenszky György – drums, percussion

Guest Performers:

Szigeti-Cseke Zsuzsa – gardon, vocals

Hegyessy Géza – gardon, recorder

Lamantin Jam

July 3. 7:30PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Opening Act

Raphael Wressnig & the Soul Gift Band (A-I)

Raphael Wressnig (A) – Hammond B-3 organ, vocals

Enrica Crivellaro (I) – guitar

Eric Cisbani (I) – drums

Raphael Wressnig is not your regular Hammond organist. He feels at home with soul, funk, jazz and blues, which lands him on the famed “Organist of the Year” list by DownBeat magazine regularly. He has released over 20 albums, of which perhaps “SoulGumbo” is the most special. The record was produced in New Orleans and features such icons as Grammy award-winner Jon Cleary, George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Stanton Moore (drums), or the R&B legend Walter “Wolfman” Washington. He has invited two Italian musicians to form his band Soul Gift. They mix traditional, old-school soul with blues and funk elements complimented by a genuinely modern, bombastic soundscape. And of course, the show is spectacular…

Lamantin Jam

July 4. 7:30PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Opening Act:

László Attila Fusion Circus

László Attila – guitar

Pecze Balázs – trumpet

Soso Lakatos Sándor – saxophone

Csapó Krisztián – trombone

Nagy János – piano

Lattman Béla – Bass Guitar

Zombori Attila – drums

László Attila Fusion Circus is the latest formation by Liszt award winning guitarist, composer, and teacher László Attila. The formation features a rhythm section as well as a three-man wind section to open new opportunities for performing László Attila’s unique compositions. As each member of the formation is a brilliant soloist, their concerts offer an exciting “mixed fusion” of sound and rhythm. László Attila has performed with such jazz greats as Anthony Jackson, Bob Mintzer, Randy Brecker, James Moody, Tommy Campbell, Billy Cobham, and Peter Erskine. He has headed several of his own formations since 1975. In the 1980s he founded the band Things with Tony Lakatos – a formation that pioneered fusion jazz in Hungary. He has continuously worked with Charlie as composer, orchestrator, and guitarist for over 28 years. He is responsible for the musical concept behind Charlie Jazz from the mid-2000s. When Cserháti Zsuzsa made her return into professional music with a number of albums, he played a crucial role in creating each. His own jazz records are of the highest standard and sought after worldwide. He has been teaching at Franz Liszt Academy of Music since 1987, where he is currently an associate professor and head of the Academy’s big band.

Lamantin Jam

July 5. 7:30PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Opening Act

Art Blakey Tribute Band (a Modern Art Orchestra production)

Fekete-Kovács Kornél – trumpet, cornopean

Bacsó Kristóf – saxophone

Korb Attila – trombone

Cseke Gábor – piano

Barcza Horváth József – standing bass

Csízi László – drums

In their series “Legendary Albums” Modern Art Orchestra has examined the works of The Jazz Messengers (headed by Art Blakey) on several occasions. The iconic band has enriched the entire genre of jazz with their emblematic sound, being a springboard for many outstanding soloists and band leaders from the hard-bop and subsequent eras. Nurturing young talent was one of the most important of Blakey’s efforts. These include Benny Golson, lee Morgan, Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett, Freddie Hubbard, Wynton and Branford Marsalis, just to name a few. Furthermore, the classic formation of the jazz sextet was important to Blakey. He always included excellent composers, who could bring the traditional Jazz Messengers sound forward, with their own flavour. The pieces have been orchestrated by Modern Art Orchestra and will be performed by their outstanding soloists.

Lamantin Jam

July 6. 7:30PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Opening Act

The Tony Lakatos organisation (H – D – F)

Tony Lakatos (H – D) – tenor saxophone

Jean-Yves Jung (F) – Hammond B-3 organ

Jean-Marc Robin (F) – drums

While Tony Lakatos lives in Germany, he is of Hungarian descent, which may explain his eagerness to repeatedly return here to perform. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest jazz artists in Europe. Since graduating from Béla Bartók Conservatory he has had an illustrious career, having cooperated on over 400 albums, and playing with such legends as Al Foster, Joanne Brackeen, Jasper van’t Hof, terri Lynne Carrington, Anthony Jackson, or Kirk Lightsey. His own albums have received the most prestigious awards. He has been all over Europe and performs around the world. He also teaches master’s courses at the most prominent universities. He has invited two musicians of similar status for his trio. Jean-Yves Jung is a Hammond player, without whom there is no ORGANisation, and who works with such prominent artists as Billy Cobham (on the album “Higher Ground”), Philip Catherine, Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra & Dee Dee Bridgewater, or even the Paris Jazz Big Band, to name a few. On drums we can find another musician much coveted across all of Europe: Jean-Marc Robin. He has played with Biréli Langrène, Nils Landgren, Lalo Schirfin, Bob Mintzer and the Lorraine Regional Big Band. They are together performing Tony Lakatos’s own compositions right here, on stage at Lamantin.

Lamantin Jam

July 7. 7:30PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Opening Act

Lukács Miklós – Trió Cimbiózis

Lukács Miklós – cymbalom

Orbán György – standing bass

Baló István – drums

Lukács Miklós (awards: Erkel Ferenc, Hungarian Heritage, Príma), composer and cymbalom player is without a doubt one of the most exceptional figures in the Hungarian and international music scene. His classical training has allowed him to deeply immerse himself in both jazz and contemporary styles of music. His style is that of a virtuoso, which – combined with his constant experimentation – has led to the discovery of previously unknown sounds and ways of playing his instrument. The prime example of this is his trio founded in 2013, Cimbiózis. As he describes: “I composed for this trio in order for us to sound as the highest-level chamber music, where each artist shares the same weight. That’s why I chose the name Cimbiózis: the symbiosis between the four of us is key”. He is accompanied by Orbán György on standing bass and Baló István on drums. The trio is constantly featured at the most prestigious festivals and concert halls in the world. They have released four albums together. Musicologist Farkas Gergely has characterized their latest release in the following way: “While listening to these three dazzling musicians, one has the constant sense that they thread on the frontiers of human thought and emotion. They thread were only few are fortunate enough to get to and from where there is no going further”. In 2020 this album was voted among the annual top 10 by New York City Jazz Records magazine.

Lamantin Jam

July 8. 2PM Lamantin Club (Weöres Sándor Theatre)

Closing Act of the Lamantin Improvisational Camp: Introducing the Students